27 May Sponsor A Lobster Pot

Eat the first catch of 2017!

Somewhere, out there, is a lobster with your name on it…

Every year, we choose a charity or two to support, local and relevant to our Cornish community. This year, it’s the Fishermen’s Mission and Port Isaac RNLI, both of whom do incredible work under severe financial constraints.

So where do you come in? Well, we’ve come up with a tasty way of raising money for these good causes. All you have to do is sponsor a lobster pot. The charities get all the money. You get dibs on the first catch from your pot in 2017.

Sponsor 1 pot for £70
Sponsor 2 pots for £100
Call 01208 880244 to reserve yours now!

In December, we’ll build a Christmas tree by stacking the pots tall and decorating them with lights. You’ll be invited to the grand ceremony when we invite all the local children round for treats and carols. Your name will be on the pot and on the sponsors list used to promote the fundraising event throughout the year. So it’s great advertising for businesses too. Lobster pot sponsoring also makes for a really original Christmas or Birthday gift.

How it works.

  1. Call us on 01208 880244 or fill in a table card.
  2. Choose the number of pots you want to sponsor.
  3. We’ll take your details then in December, we’ll hang a pot on our Christmas tree with your name on it. We’re planning to make a big fuss of the event with a quality band, great food and a big party atmosphere. You, of course will be a guest of honor at the ceremony.
  4. Come new year, the pots go back in the sea.
  5. First catch is all yours! Cook it yourself – or ask us to!


No problem. You can be greedy AND good. Come visit us, order lobster off the menu today and we’ll donate £1 to Port Isaac RNLI.

BOOK YOUR TABLE ON 01208 880244